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  Flying Returns - Air India Frequent Flyer Miles Program from USA and Canada  

Frequent Traveler Program from Air India

There is one big benefit to traveling, earning frequent traveler miles and points. It's a wonderful feeling when you can take the family on your next trip using airline miles and points. Learn about available programs in Air India and how to redeem those wonderful miles.

Unlike the Frequent Milage Programs available in US and Canada on other airlines, there is not much flexibility.

Reservations on Award Tickets must be booked directly through the Airline, and not through a Travel Agent.

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Flying Returns, the largest Frequent Flyer Programme in India, offers you an unmatched choice of destinations on the extensive network of Air-India, Indian Airlines and Alliance Air. As a member of Flying Returns, you earn mileage points each time you fly on any class or sector of any of these airlines. What’s more, you earn mileage points on Air-India and Indian Airlines code share flights too.

Top Up Milage Points (TUMPs)

A member falling short of the required mileage points for redemption of an award ticket for any sector, he/she may Top Up upto 10,000 Mileage Points at the purchase rate of Re. 1 per mileage point. This is applicable for India Programme & for tickets issued and purchased in INR (Indian Rupees) in India. ( The TUMPs is not applicable to the UK, USA, Canada, Gulf, Far East & South East Asia Programs. )

UK/USA & Canada Program

The Frequent Flyer Program of Air India (Flying Returns) has its special offerings open to residents in India, the United States, Canada and many other countries.

Membership Requirements:
  • Membership to Flying Returns is open to residents of the USA and Canada, over 12 years of age.
  • You can accrue mileage points on tickets purchased in any currency and in any country.
  • Membership is valid for a period of three years from the date of enrollment.

You can accrue Mileage Points for travel on any sector in any class on all tickets issued against published normal or special fares ( including excursion fares ), except:

Exceptions :
  • Free/non-revenue/award tickets, companion free tickets, travel industry related discounts, specified promotional fares, tickets not indicating a published fare and travel on joint venture services of Air India / Indian Airlines with other airlines.
  • Accrual of mileage points is permitted on code-share flights and not-redemption except on Air France accrual & redemption is permitted
  • Air India / Indian Airlines code share flights with other airlines qualify for accrual of mileage points only, not for redemption into award tickets.
  • Please note that the Air India Service Benefits are not available on Air India's code share flights
  • A minimum of 20,000 mileage points is required, for redemption into Award tickets. You can pool your mileage points with those of your spouse to avail of free tickets, provided your spouse is also a member of Flying Returns.
  • Redemption of mileage points for international travel and domestic travel within India is permitted for both one-way and return journeys.
  • Award tickets may be issued for the member or any other person nominated by the member.
  • Award tickets are subject to embargo dates which will be advised from time to time.
  • Mileage points must be redeemed within three years from the date of enrollment.

Benefits :
The benefits you’re entitled to as a member of Flying Returns range from free air tickets to discounts and special offers from Air India Alliances. So, every time you fly with Air India or utilize the services of Air India's alliance partners, you gain valuable mileage points that could entitle you valuable benefits with restrictions.

Procedure for redemption of mileage points

  • Fill in the Award Order Form stating the name, sector, date and class of travel required.
  • Fax or mail the form to the Member Service Centre at Mumbai. The Form should reach the Member Service Centre at least seven days prior to your intended date of travel.
  • Tickets will be issued at the nearest Air-India or Indian Airlines office.
  • Reservations on Award Tickets must be booked directly through the Airline, and not through a Travel Agent.
  • Open dated Award Tickets cannot be issued. The outbound sector must be on a confirmed basis.
  • Award Orders form for redemption of Mileage Points on Air France will also be processed by the Member Service Centre, Mumbai and not by Air France.
You can get more information about Flying Returns by contacting...
New York (for USA and Canada residents)
F.D.R. Station
P.O. Box 1708
New York N.Y. 10150
Tel: 1-800-205-2800
Click for
Mumbai, India
P.O. Box 11757
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021
Phone : 91– 22- 2202 4040
Fax: 91-22- 2202 8361, 2202 8363
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